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1. How many people will there be on a Thailand Cultural Tour? -All our tours are designed to meet the needs of our clients, so we do our utmost to ensure the tour group size is what you want it to be.

2. Do you have any tours I/we can join? -If you are travelling alone or with a small number of travellers, you are welcome to join with other groups if you choose. We often have cultural tour groups who are happy to have others join them or we can put you together with other smaller groups if you would like.

3. Can you book hotels for us? -Our helpful team will be pleased to help you plan every aspect of your journey to Thailand – from the cultural tour and beyond.

4. Can you recommend hotels for us in Thailand? -Yes, once we know your budget and group numbers as well as what areas you would like to tour, we will be happy to let you know the best options.

5. Is smoking permitted on the cultural tours in Thailand? -There are some strict laws here in Thailand, so you will find smoking is generally permitted only outside in designated smoking areas. Some of the time on the cultural tours is spent outside and your guides will let you know where you may smoke. It is worth noting though that in Thailand, you are not permitted to smoke in any public place including the stations, on trains or buses, in taxis or any hire vehicle. Also, smoking is prohibited in any air conditioned building including shopping centres, restaurants and pubs.

6. Can we see other sights? -Of course, we can help you can plan your itinerary to meet your particular requirements. Our team will be happy to help you arrange time away from the cultural tour or even help to organise trips the vineyards and culinary delights of Thailand etc.

7. Are there any special dress requirements I should be aware of? -Outside of the monasteries, temples and royal buildings, the dress code in Thailand is quite relaxed. The strict dress code that applies in the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Thailand’s most sacred site) as well as the Tiger Temple should be noted if you wish to visit these sites during your stay in Thailand. Visitors are advised that men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves and women must also cover-up so that no shoulders or knees are exposed. No shorts, vests or tights can be worn as outer garments and all trousers should cover the ankles. Proper shoes too must be worn by everyone and flip flops are not permitted. In the Tiger Temple, there is an additional rule to note: bright colours, such as red, orange, and pink are not allowed. These colours excite the tigers, and are not permitted on the grounds.