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There can be few places on earth with such a well-preserved cultural heritage than Thailand; the past is honoured and revered throughout the four distinct regions of this tropical paradise. Bangkok may be a bustling metropolis where big business, high-class hotels, elegant shopping and vast modern buildings are a natural part of the scenery but even here, the culture of Thailand is evident amidst every setting. Markets selling fresh produce and locally made goods, ancient temples and cultural icons, street-vendors and beautiful Thai art, costume and culinary delights created to reflect the traditions and rituals of the past are also in abundance in this thriving city.

Thailand and its fascinating capital city Bangkok, has long been known as a major tourist destination for those seeking easy access to all that Thailand has to offer: the long white beaches of nearby coastal resorts, adventure holidays in breathtaking scenery and challenging settings, birdwatching excursions, tours to discover the natural wonders of this country of contrasts and diversity, holidays taking in some of the many quality golf courses for golfers who plan entire holidays around the game, eco tours and even wine tours and an abundance of choice for those with a passion for the culinary delights of Thailand; but for those seeking culture, this really is paradise.

A cultural tour of Bangkok is a true voyage of discovery what is a pure pleasure; Thailand Cultural Tours will introduce you to the Thailand of old that is nestled both in plain sight alongside the new and in hidden places, off the beaten track. Wherever you choose your cultural tour to take you, you will be assured of a warm welcome, a depth and breadth of local knowledge that will answer all your questions and a host of memories that will never be forgotten.

Bangkok is a fascinating city of more than 10 million people, with a beautifully preserved cultural identity that has been protected despite the huge advances it has experienced; a heritage that has been carried through each generation and handed onto the next. Visitors to Thailand who come for the culture, will be amazed by the wonders of Thailand’s tropical landscapes, temples, art, traditions, icons and architecture.

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